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Crush your fitness goals with elite personal training

Our results-driven approach can help you...


Lose Weight

Build Muscle


Live Healthy

Feel Amazing

Get in shape fast

At Prime Existence, our primary focus is RESULTS.

Our comprehensive and educative approach to training makes it possible for clients of all types to achieve breakthrough results in as little time possible.

We do this by teaching and emphasizing some of the core principles of an active and healthy lifestyle.



Starting off I felt like I would have been intimidated and vulnerable putting myself out there for help, but Moheb has made me feel comfortable and that every move I made was progress, even when I refused to continue. He would not let me give up,  not because it’s his job, but because he actually cares. He motivates me to be better even when I leave his sessions.  He makes sure I’m on top of it and helpful even with dieting. He cares about what he does and it shows! 

Tatjana G.

Head Trainer: Moheb M.

Hey, my name's Moheb. I'm a personal trainer living in Southern California, and I help clients of all types lose weight, build muscle, and live overall healthier lives. I do this by:

  • understanding exactly what my clients want to achieve

  • creating a custom game plan based on their goals

  • teaching the fundamentals of smart eating and exercise

  • keeping a close eye on my clients' progress 

  • fine-tuning client programming as needed

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